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Triple Threat Coin Gimmick

The Triple Threat Gimmick
Dollar Coins...add Troy's notes $25 extra

Half Dollar Coins...add Troy's notes $25 extra

The Triple Threat gaffus comes with this set of notes from Troy Hooser which contains 5 solid routines and more. Personally, I think the work in these notes is phenomenal and I can guarantee that one of the routines will sufficiently fry your savvy coin magicians that are familiar with Troy's work.

I have been working with this gaffus for over 5 years and it has undergone a number of design changes and improvements in that time. Triple Threat remained rather on the downlow for a long period of time, I had made them for quite a few top notch coin guys, but I had never advertised it, and they didn't either. It wasn't until Troy approached me that I considered making more of them.

Troy and I have quite a bit of time tied up in releasing this item. We first made a dvd for it last year, but that got scrapped and Troy had Mark Tams do a great job with these notes. And within that time Troy came up with more strong material, so it all worked out great in my opinion.

To save me the wind of having to say more about the gaff itself, please read the introduction from Troy's notes below, it talks about the history and capabilities of the gaff.


Half Dollar Size Triple Threat

Due to popular demand, I have ordered special magnets, I had them manufactured to allow me to produce a half dollar size Triple Threat. This set is the same animal as my dollar size gimmick and it functions beautifully, silently, and effortlessly.  The set will be available in 1964 Kennedy, Walking Liberty, and Ben Franklin half dollars. 

The top shell is an expanded shell, so the unnested gimmick looks very much like 3 coins, UNLIKE the ripped off version that doesn't have an expanded shell. The 3CM gimmicks have an unexpanded shell and the last coin is so shaved down that it doesn't look like a coin anymore, a mere potato chip, a tinny tinfoil remnant of a coin. The Lassen coin is manufactured to allow the last coin to be as large in diameter and maximum thickness possible. It will ring true when dropped with other coins.